By William Henry Tucker

There is silence in everything and in everyone. There is silence in the moment, in the past and in the future. Silence is captured in the past and encompasses the whole of the future.  In silence are answers to questions we have yet to ask.  In silence is mirth and majesty.  Silence exists in the rocks and mountains and in the streams and clouds above.  Silence is essential.  Seek the silence within yourself.  Discover it within others.  The journey of life is one of exploration.  Our journey is momentary.  Make the most of your days.

Our time is as nothing compared with the life of a mountain. These rocks have age we humans can accurately calculate, yet we are nothing to them. Age? We are as children before them.  Play.  Lift the grim cloak from about your shoulders.  The rocks are old.  We are still young and enlightened.  To think ourselves otherwise is to be at odds with our essential nature.

The rocks are wise.  They know enough to go with the flow of life around them or be eroded to nothing. Go with the flow of the oncoming rapids and rushes.  Go with the days as they present themselves to you.  Golden, bright days will follow and dark, velvet nights and the stars like diamonds in their courses.

We do not live apart from the spectacle that surrounds us. We are a part of this incredible life; coming to this life without pretensions, winding our way, determined or meandering, until we enter into the infinite.  We are never alone and never separate from this life; never far from the silence within and without and surrounding our life.

Blink and we miss each other.  Touch and we connect.  We are one when we stand silent in the wind, before the waves, in the water.  Sit by the rocks, look upon the mountains that rise on these plains.  Let the other beings of this life be among you.  Be among them.

Even though we cannot sometimes accept one another or the wonders we share, even if we deny ourselves these splendors, they exist.  We must count ourselves as among these wonders.  Each of us amazing, though we are as temporary as the silence we seek.

There is a divinity in everything. There is within all things, a modest, ethereal aspect. It is glorious, mysterious, ephemeral.  There is silence in the trees, in the water, in the air around us.  There is silence without and within and it is magnificent.


WHO AM I? A short primer for 2016.
I am William Henry Tucker. I am strong tea. I am a word edgewise.

I’d like to think you know me. Some do. Some very well. A few of you might know me too well or have known me too long, so you might have a skewed perspective. There’s nothing I can do about that, but I wish I could. Every day, I begin anew. We all do.

I’m a writer, first and foremost. I am a photographer and a doodler and I philosophize and wax whimsical. I might offer some poetry here or music there, which is also a passion. Show me any record, I’ll find some track to like! (Yes, I’ll admit it, I even had a favorite track on “Music to Eat Jeno’s Pizza By.”) I am keen on the arts because the arts are joyful and positive. You have to stay positive, especially, but not exclusively, when you live in northern Minnesota. I volunteer my time to causes I love. I love KAXE, for one. You will discover more as you continue to read my words and see my photos.

Whatever your reason for being my friend here on Facebook, know that I am first kind and compassionate, quiet in real life, but I can be blustery with my words on these pages, and that if I say “I Promise” I will move myself (which is a considerable thing for me!) to get whatever I’ve promised accomplished!

Thank you for being my friend here in this space. Thank you for your curiosity and your insight if you comment on my posts. Thank you for reading my words. I try to be entertaining and sometimes I can be nothing but a pretentious bore. I’m a human, being.

A word on politics: I have learned, at great expense, to tolerate politicians. They are a particular breed of human, being. Some seem to be in the profession for the common good. I don’t personally think it should be a “profession.” But I’m not in charge. Some seem solidly self-deluded and full of themselves. This happens on both sides of what is actually a round table. We’re all here. We should all be helping each other and working for common good. Anything less than that is, to me, politics. So… I try to opt out. I’ll save my opinion for the voting booth. It’s not a fun process, but it’s necessary. I just wish it wasn’t like making sausage.

I try to use my mind and I have been told I think too much. I write better than I speak. I try to consider all sides. A writer of fiction has to have more than one point of view. I have a facile mind. That’s not always a good thing. It’s agile, even as I enter my “elder” years. That’s not a bad thing!

I’m stubborn on the topic of physical health because I want to stick around. I’m stubborn on the topic of mental and emotional health because it’s all part of the same package. We cannot play favorites. As the body goes, so goes the mind.

If you think you know the solution, whatever the challenge is, I’ll listen. I will read your words. It’s the least I can do!

This is my testimony. This is my mission statement. This is me, as I am.

Likely as not, you are here as much to find out more as you are to simply connect. I am a very open man and sometimes honest to a fault. If I offend you, know that I didn’t mean it personally. Sometimes, when eyes meet, it’s a courtship. Sometimes, when eyes meet, it’s a confrontation. I will graciously bow and step away.

Whatever your reasons for sticking with me, friending me, I make no distinction between Facebook and “real” life. If anything, the real me is the one typing these words. In person, I’m a wall flower. I’m the mook in the back of the room who may say two words the whole night. (Hopefully, with grace and respect to you!). But I am nothing if not grateful. Semper sic Gracia. Always I am grateful. (My Latin needs a little oiling though.). Don’t expect me to judge you. Who am I to judge anyone? Who am I?

It is January 1, 2016. This will mark the middle of my fiftieth year on this planet. That means nothing. I am older and younger and not at all ready and completely prepared. Bring it on. Come with me. The point of the journey is not to arrive. Above all – LOVE. Love is NOT love that alters when it alteration finds. It is an ever fixed mark. So if I say love, it’s meant sincerely, fully, without condition or question. This is how I choose to be.

From the front lines of my life, this is William Henry Tucker, wishing you all well as go forward in time.


William Henry TuckerSometimes, you just have to start over, begin again, and yet…continue.  Change is hard, except if you realize that you are always under the burden of change.  Sound vague?  It is.  I do this on purpose because I have many changes I must undertake.  I need to repair an ailing vehicle, I need to change my dietary intake, I need to change the way I am contemplating employment, I need to begin to blog on my own site again and I need to publish!  These days, it’s not a case of writers write and publishers publish.  Writers have begun to publish and are finding roads to significant success.  Why can’t I?

Good question.  I haven’t really tried…yet.  I’ve been researching and digging and asking questions and finding a wealth of information and some sorry stories along the way as well.  Each and every data point isn’t enough.  I need to edit as well, so I can begin to offer the bigger projects.  Some short stories and poems are not enough.  Photography isn’t enough. Because I do all of that, and I also doodle and dabble with music.  Am I talented?  Meh.  It’s something to do.  You, the potential audience, remain the arbiter.

The next thing is not the first thing – just what is up next.  It’s a long laundry list.  Reminder: Must do laundry!  What will I do for work?  For money?  For life?  Well, suffice to say, I am doing what I can, with my limitations and disabilities, it’s difficult, but it shouldn’t be impossible.  If HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED can rise from the depths of Hell…I mean, Corporate America…no, wait…HELL!  Well, then…I can do something to improve my situation and be of use and help to others at least.  If I can make some money helping, entertaining, playing a little music, then I will.  The rest will come.