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William Henry Tucker is a Creative and Speculative Fiction author working in the genres of fantasy and horror, both in short fiction and longer works, and he is also an artist after a fashion, a photographer as a passion, and a Computer Diagnostician when he's doing none of the above! He lives and writes in the wilds of Northern Minnesota.

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Widow’s Creek

I’d like to announce the first self-written, self-edited, and self-published book I’ve ever done, WIDOW’S CREEK.

What has happened at Widow’s Creek? What unholy creature has been released? What strange things lurk just beyond the Veil? When Associate Curator Anne Faith of the Kagnon Museum of Antiquities is called upon to represent her mentor Professor Joseph Nimsy and receive a donation from a dying eccentric, she has no idea of the bizarre and incredible creature that is about to be unleashed, or that she will become the only being on her world able to make sense of the impossible and prevent the world from being engulfed in an Eldritch terror.

The book is available now from Amazon, and toneonemedia.